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Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

Noritsu Precision Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) acknowledges its social responsibility to protect and provide appropriate management of personal information and hereby establishes this “Website Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”)” in accordance with its “Personal Information Protection Policy”.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The Company shall comply with the Act on the Social Security and Tax Number System, the Act of the Protection of Personal Information, and other related laws and regulations. The Company shall conduct proper handling of specific personal information.

Intended Use of Personal Information

The Company shall clearly inform customers of the intended use of personal information when receiving such information from them. The Company shall use the personal information provided by its customers within the range of specified purposes, except for instances authorized by laws and regulations related to personal information protection.

Intended Use of Personal Information of Our Customers and Business Partners

  1. To provide information, make various proposals, give other notices (regarding billing, payment, change or suspension of services, and etc.), conclude, renew, terminate or execute contracts and make various payments in connection with products and services the Company handles.
  2. To confirm the identity of an individual and respond to inquiries and requests from the individual.
  3. To provide various information and other notices related to the Company business.
  4. To improve and upgrade the products and services handled in the Company business, promote sales of such products and services and develop new products and services.
  5. To provide our customers and other third parties with various notifications and other documents required in conducting the Company business.
  6. To provide the Company’s group companies with various information (sales information, and etc.) necessary for developing their own businesses.
  7. To perform any other activities related to the Company business.

Intended Use of Information Obtained from Inquiries and Complaints

  1. To respond to inquiries to the Company and improve the Company’s business activities.

To use information for recruiting activities

  1. Intended Use of Information Obtained from Orders, Inquiries, and etc. on the Web or via E-mail

Intended Use of Information Obtained from Orders, Inquiries, and etc. on the Web or via E-mail

  1. To issue, amend and extinguish IDs needed to use the Company’s systems or services provided through the Company’s systems (the “Services”).
  2. To notify users of information regarding use of the Services.
  3. To manage the utilization status of the Services (including security management purposes).
  4. To confirm via inquiries the details of data registered by users using the Services.
  5. To conduct any other activities associated with the above.

Intended Use of Specific Personal Information

The Company shall use specific personal information related to the officers and employees of the Company including their dependents for the following purposes;

  1. To prepare payment reports related to remunerations and fees.
  2. To prepare payment reports related to dividends, retained earnings and interest from funds.
  3. To prepare payment reports related to usage fees of real properties, and etc.
  4. To prepare payment reports related to acquisition values of real properties.

Secure Management of Personal Information

Personal information provided by customers shall be strictly managed at the relevant divisions within the Company and preventive measures against loss, theft, alteration, leakage, and etc. shall be taken.  The security management measures to protect specific personal information are set out separately in the Basic Policy on Handling of Specific Personal Information.

Joint Use of Personal Information

The Company may share and jointly use the personal information collected from customers with its group companies in order to provide product and service related information and promote sales of products and services the Company handles.
The scope of information shared includes customer’s name, phone number, fax number, address, e-mail address, company name, organization name, division name, job title, work address, other contact information, gender, birth date, transaction history, information provided in questionnaires, and etc. The Company is responsible for the management of such customer information, and specific personal information shall not be disclosed or shared.

Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information

The Company shall not disclose or provide personal information to third parties, except for cases where any of the following apply:

  1. Customers agree to disclose or provide their own personal information.
  2. Personal information is processed into statistical data, and etc., which does not lead to the identification of the individuals.
  3. Recipients of personal information are the Company’s subcontractors or business partners with which the Company has concluded nondisclosure agreements or transaction contracts that include confidentiality clauses, and the information provided to them is limited to what the corresponding services require.
  4. Disclosure or provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
  5. Disclosure or provision of personal information is specially necessary for improving public hygiene or promoting the sound growth of children and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
  6. Business successions due to mergers, demergers, sale of a business, and etc.
  7. The Company is requested to cooperate with national or local public authorities in pursuing their public duties, and obtaining the consent of the customer may impede the execution of such duties.
  8. Laws or regulations require disclosure.

Contact Information regarding Handling of Personal Information

Questions and inquiries related to requests, revisions or deletions of personal information of customers or complaints shall be handled by a point of contact designated by the Company.

Please contact Administration Division by using one of the following methods;

  • Phone; 073-454-0307
  • Fax; 073-454-0420
  • E-mail;

May 1st, 2017

Tatsuya Hoshino
President & Representative Director,
Noritsu Precision Co., Ltd.

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