We would like to announce that Noritsu America Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Noritsu Precision, Co., Ltd signed up an acquisition agreement of R & F Imaging Systems, Inc.

Noritsu America Corporation (NAC) offers sales of its own photographic imaging devices as well as 3rd party medical device sales and service. In order to grow and strengthen medical device sales and service business, our North American subsidiary, NAC, decided to acquire R & F Imaging Systems Inc’s (hereinafter RFI) medical imaging diagnosis device business. RFI is an American company which offers medical imaging diagnosis device sales and service to southeastern hospital chains, clinic and personal care facilities.

With this acquisition, NAC gains the skill set and knowledge to sell and service medical imaging devices. Additionally, NAC obtains experience, intellectual property, and a network of manufacturers and end users within the medical imaging device industry. Coupling NAC’s experience and proven service processes with RFI’s industry specific expertise will cultivate business expansion.

<<Acquired business>>
Skill set and know-how on medical imaging diagnosis device, industry knowledge, connection among manufacture and end-user


<<Acquired date>>
May 13, 2019

<<Company overview of acquirer>>
Company name:     Noritsu America Corporation.
Representative:     President & CEO   Go Yoshii
Establishment:     December, 1978
Primary business:     Sales and service of photo finishing equipment
HQ:     6900 Noritsu Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620 U.S.A.
Website:     http://www.noritsu.com/
<<Company overview of transferrer>>
Company name:     R & F Imaging Systems, Inc.
Representative:     President and CEO Rex A. Fortenberry
Establishment:     1984
Primary business:      Sales and services of medical diagnostic imaging equipment
HQ:     549 Webb Industrial drive Marietta, GA 30062 U.S.A.
Website:     http://www.rfisystemsinc.com/