Noritsu Precision Co., Ltd. launched a book binding system “SPB-1” in the market in July 2016. The system enables users to create a lay-flat photobook easily.  


<Easy operation to create a lay-flat type photobook>
Easy-to-use compact design system “SPB-1” enables users to create a lay-flat type photobook with a small start-up cost. No electric power is required.
1. Lay-flat photobook binding
180-degree lay-flat photobooks are more functional
than those that are not able to lie flat. 
No need to place it down while viewing. 
Having the pages lie flat, you can enjoy your photobook.
2. Easy operation lay-flat type photobook
Place two sheets of printed paper on the binding unit. 
Slide the tape holder. The sheets will be bound together.
A 203mm x 203mm (8”x8”) sized photobook that contains 
20 pages can be easily created in about 10 minutes.


3. A wide variety of photobooks types and sizes
Sizes of paper can be as small as 152mm (6”) and as 
large as 305mm (12”). A photobook can contain from 
10 pages up to around 80 pages.


<Introduction movie>
Click the link below to see how to make a lay-flat photobook.
Type Lay-flat tape style binding photobook system
Dimensions W637mm x H287mm x xD543mm
Weight 11kg
Common photobook sizes
(vertical x horizontal)
152mm x 152mm(6″ x 6″) [Square]
203mm x 203mm(8″ x 8″) [Square]
203mm x 254mm(8″ x 10″) [Landscape]
254mm x 203mm(10″ x 8″) [Portrait]
210mm x 297mm(A4) [Landscape]
297mm x 210mm(A4) [Portrait]
216mm x 279mm(Letter,8.5″ x 11″) [Landscape]
279mm x 216mm(Letter, 11″ x 8.5″) [Portrait]
305mm x 305mm(12″ x 12″) [Square]
Estimated binding time required About 10 min per photobook *203mm×203mm(8″×8″), 20 pages
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